Strategic Entertainment Planning.


The Reason for employing Bands4Africa to manage your Entertainment portfolio.

We have proven that, through the correct planning, placement and rotation of various entertainers, we can, effectively manage your entertainment portfolio, thereby improving turn-over as we increase the added value which our entertainers bring to your venue.

Our Track record over the past four years has proven the following:We have the expertise and logistical systems in place, to successfully manage your entertainment portfolio; having managed the total Entertainment Portfolios for The Dubliner, Doodles Beachfront, the Pepper club, Camps bay, Mambo’s, Sangria Tavern, Barbaydos tavern, The Tavern, Gordon’s bay and Quay 4 tavern.

We have sourced in excess of 400 different commercial acts whilst managing these venues and our strength lies in identifying and matching the correct artist/act to the specific venue or event.

Francois' input:
Francois has been in the entertainment industry, performing professionally for approximately 26 years, during this time he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise, enabling Bands4Africa to correctly analyze venues and artists’ profiles alike. During this time, he has established a reputation as an entertainer whose quest for perfection is paramount and it is this bar that he sets for himself, which all our artists are measured by.

Due to the demand for his services, he is still performing between two and four nights a week, at various venues and private/corporate functions. This keeps him informed and up to date with the standard of performance required, as well as trends in the cover music industry. This knowledge, in turn, is shared amongst all the Bands4Africa artists, resulting in the improvement of their products.

Furthermore, we constantly provide our artistes with cutting edge information, regarding sound equipment and music repertoire trends, supplying quality backing tracks and other important logistics needed to improve the quality of their product. Due to the competitive nature of the entertainment industry, we constantly monitor our artists’ progress by videoing each act from time to time.

Going forward: Our direct link to the heart of the cover music industry via Francois, the trust and respect that we have earned from our artists, our strong logistical and administration systems, enhanced by our vast company network array, from which we are able to draw on in times of need, empowers us to supply a Strategic Entertainment Planning service, unrivalled in the local industry!