Natasha Meister

Natasha Meister is, very quickly, creating her own hype wherever she goes. But all this 20 year old Canadian born guitarist needs to do is open her mouth and sing her whiskey-soaked blues for 30 seconds and any room will quieten down as the jaws drop and amazement sets in.

The buzz quickly spread around town and she attracted the attention of local veteran songwriter Tim Parr, who gave her some initial introductions and opportunities. It didn’t take long for the offers from other musicians to start arriving and the Natasha Meister Band was formed, with drummer Paul Tizzard and Roger Bashew on bass guitar. Their combination of blues standards, inspired by the likes of Stevie Wonder, B.B. King, Aretha Franklin, and Stevie Ray Vaughn, and some of Natasha’s own songs soon became popular and these early gigs paved the way for invitations to festivals such as the Oyster & Champagne Festival, Table Mountain Blues Summit, Synergy Live, Kleinmond Big Blues Music Festival, and Splashy Fen.

Fresh from her first overseas tour in Dubai with Jimmy Thomas, Michael Roach and The Crossroads band, Natasha Meister has had more good news in becoming South Africa’s first woman to be endorsed by Fender guitars. Natasha’s recently released You Tube/Facebook videos are creating a big stir locally and abroad. Her first album has just been completed for release as soon as possible after her return to Cape Town.


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